How to Assess Your Social Media Marketing Goals

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How to Assess Your Social Media Marketing Goals


Assessing Your Social Media marketing Goals

Before posting content to any social media platform, make sure you have defined the guiding themes and overall goals of your winning strategy that can help shape the way you approach social media marketing. Building a solid framework with a thought-out social media plan, is a good start. Do not however, head into this new marketing communications game without a new well-researched blueprint that will determine your success. If you play it right, the reward can be huge.

Create Specific Social Media Marketing Goals

Are you raising awareness of your brand? You can say the right thing about a brand and probably nobody picks interest in it, but you have to say it in such a way that prospective customers will feel it. Because if they do not feel it, nothing will happen. For example, your business is an important asset. Branding is important because brand equity is the value of the organisation to the outside world. Branding can help businesses maximise by identifying a clear promise to consumers, promising something that a particular business does in its own unique way. Create clear benefit or promise of value different that of your competitors, which allow social media to be your brand mouthpiece, increase sales, improve customer service and strengthen loyalty.

Set Measurable Social Media Marketing Goals

How will you know that your goal are realised or achieved and what analytics tools will you use to track your progress? If you can measure something, you can control it. Web analytics is the assessment of a variety of web data. These includes web traffic, web-based transactions for ecommerce, web server performance, usability studies, and user submitted information and related sources. Social Media GoalsThe main purpose of web analytics is to help create a generalised understanding of the online visitor experience. Web analytics are in two forms, onsite and offsite analytics. The measurement of actual visitors to the page where you have control or manage the website and can look at the detail from the host server is onsite analytics, i.e. web-stat on severs. Offsite analytics is gathered records based on companies like, Facebook, Twitter, Google and Adobe Analytics. Offsite analytics measure page visits and how your website compares to others. Two methods are used to gather information in web analytics: Web server log files – Onsite analytics (Web log files is a record (log) of every action (hit) on a website can be analysed by website administrator on the server) and page tagging – Offsite Analytics (Tags are added to web pages to analyse cookies ). A tag is a snippet of code (JavaScript) that sends information to a third party, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and Adobe analytics.

Set Achievable Goals Of Social Media Marketing

When you are just starting off, do not aim too high, there is a risk of being deflated when you do not hit your projected goals; getting skilled at this stuff (particularly if you are approaching social media marketing seriously for the first time) takes a while.

Relevant Goals: Align your goals with company's mission, vision and values.

Time Specific: When do you want to have achieved the goal by? To add a focus to your marketing, stick to one overarching goal at a time, e.g. "I want to increase traffic to our website by 15% in the next 3 months".

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