Essential LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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Essential LinkedIn Marketing Strategy


Essential LinkedIn Marketing Strategy For Businesses

Founded in 2003, LinkedIn has experienced quick growth since 2006. As a powerful business tool, it has become a gold mine of demographic information and business intelligence. Compared to other social media platforms, LinkedIn intention is to serve business professionals and business owners. If used right, LinkedIn is a powerful business-oriented search engine. You can use LinkedIn to discover so much about a prospect, their company, their competitors, their industry, and their products before you ever meet the person. It is the largest if not the best Business-to-Business lead-generation platform where businesses can connect with their ideal customers and potential business partners.

Setting Objectives for your LinkedIn Campaign

You do not need a million dollar marketing budget strategy, as that of topLinkedIn Marketing brands the likes of Dell Inc. Apple or Nike or a computer wizard to draw people to your LinkedIn page, your simply need to set your objectives right. What are your LinkedIn objectives? Have your LinkedIn business objectives set before joining. Many people, after, setting up their personal profiles just wait and keep on waiting, after zero activities, they go back in and update their profile. Your LinkedIn profile is a lively electronic billboard presenting your expertise to billions of potential readers, keep things beautifully fastened up.

Build a LinkedIn Profile That Gets Results

  1. Start by personalising your LinkedIn Profile. Fill out your profile in detail and do not forget to add your wonderful business experience on your profile.
  2. Grow your network by joining various industries and former students groups.
  3. Connecting your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. This way, your tweets are seen by your LinkedIn connections or as I normally do, simply tweet from Twitter with either the #in or #li hashtag and your tweets will appear in LinkedIn profile. However, you do not want your followers to be seeing the same tweets on various social media site, so try and be creative on how you post content as repeating of posts might bore you followers.
  4. When you join LinkedIn, ask your friends and colleagues to link to you and link back to them. This way, you expand your link network to hundreds of LinkedIn members because you friends and colleagues have links to hundreds of other connections. In addition, those hundreds of friends and colleagues connections have thousands more.
  5. If you are looking for a Job on LinkedIn get one of connections to write you a recommendation. When posted to their profile all other connection will be able to see their in their profile too.

Marketing & Advertising on LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn company page is a mini-website where you can share company updates, product releases, promotions, or relevant industry news and current job openings. Just Facebook Marketinglike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn has become extremely popular online social network. LinkedIn has accelerated the networking process, a space where you escape the physical limitations of direct interacting and meet people across the globe. LinkedIn offers “premium” plans that give businesses powerful communication and search tools. These tools can be used to good effect to enhanced access, so that you can focus on the people and resources you need. Anyone with a bit of business experience and willing to learn can realise great benefits from LinkedIn.

How Businesses can Benefi from LinkedIn

  1. Respond in a timely manner. Forward introduction requests right away. Respond promptly to invitations and introduction requests, let say within a day or 2 days at the most.
  2. Make good recommendations. Be proactive, connect beyond the obvious by looking through your network, and find those who you feel positive you could give a good recommendation. Your network will significantly expand, as you connected with more people and joined groups.
  3. Add value to introduction requests such as a trusted referral. A referral adds perspective to the introduction helps the two people get off to a warm start.
  4. Answer questions well and promptly. I discovered that if you answered questions in the LinkedIn Answers sections, people started reaching out to you with opportunities.
  5. Help your contacts learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. Helping others on how to use LinkedIn turns you into a linkedIn ambassador or supper-fan. 
  6. Be proactive. Great networking is proactive. Find the matches, Copy their profile URLs and send them to the new person you met and then say you would be happy to make an introduction. Search your LinkedIn network, send them the list of people and tell them you would be glad to introduce the ones they are interested in talking to.

Using LinkedIn For Business Networking

There are other business networking websites out there, the likes of Facebook and Twitter but none is near the quality of LinkedIn for growing your professional network. The main objective is multitasking your content consumption, content creation and networking. By sharing business opportunities, businesses can give each other online media exposure, and create searchable content and social media authority that brings you new business.

LinkedIn as Business-Oriented Search Engine

LinkedIn is an evolving a business-oriented search engine just like google. Though not with an advanced algorithm like that of Google, but improving constantly. With LinkedIn search engine knowledge, you can have access to an unlimited number of prospects readily available. LinkedIn Search Engine can help find other people, new customers, recruit new employees, companies, and groups so you can build your professional network, follow companies, and join industry-related groups.

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