Story of the world’s largest online business- eBay

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Story of the world’s largest online business- eBay


The strategic approach used by eBay was to take advantage of increased consumer adoption of the Internet. Ebay mainly focused on its objectives, strategy and key risks a close look.

eBay's brakethrough is similar to those for smaller retailers. Established 4 September 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, a 28‑ year‑ old French‑ born software engineer living in California, who coded ebay software while working for another company, called his new invention ‘Auction Web’ and later renamed it eBay in 1997.

eBay's Risk factors - fraud

In 2005 eBay developed ‘Trust and Safety Programs’ which are particularly important to reassure customers since online services are prone to fraud.

It’s hard to believe that by 2012, eBay had 112 million active users globally.

Read more ==> BBC (2005) eBay’s 10-year rise to world fame. By Robert Plummer. Story from BBC News, 2 September. 

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