Things You Should Avoid After Getting a Hair Transplant

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Things You Should Avoid After Getting a Hair Transplant


A hair transplant is a good option to get rid of hair or baldness. No matter what is the reason for your hair loss, a hair transplant can be a perfect and permanent solution for this. And once you are done with the treatment you have to take care of a lot of things to get the best results. If you will not take the post-treatment measures, it is not possible to get the outcome you desire. We understand that post-care treatment is important. That's why we have curated a list of things you need to avoid after the treatment. Let’s get started:

  1. Don’t rub your scalp- You may feel the urge to touch and rub the transplanted area, but you have to avoid doing it. There is no need to rub ice onto the transplanted area. Moreover, it is best if you can sleep flat on your stomach or side. This way the contact of your scalp with the surface would be minimum.
  2. Avoid touching the scabs- The formation of scabs on your head is a natural process of healing. Let it form and don’t touch or disturb it as you do in case of any other injury to your body. Once your head healed the scabs would fall out.
  3. No heavy exercise- You need to avoid doing any type of exercise for a few days. Heavy exercise can increase your heart rate and blood pressure which can cause you problems. Heavy exercise can cause swelling over your head, to avoid this you can give your body some rest or do light cardio or walk. After getting the hair loss treatment in London, avoid any such exercise that may cause heavy sweating.  London Hair Transplant Clinic
  4. Don’t drink and smoke- Once you get a hair transplant, you have to avoid the consumption of alcohol for at least 5 days. Alcohol can interfere with the blood supply to the head. For the same reason, you have to avoid smoking cigarettes for at least one month. You can also take this as an opportunity to quit smoking altogether.
  5. Avoid dyeing or washing your hair- Do not wash your hair for the first 48 hours after the hair transplantation. After the first two days, you can wash your hair but avoid doing it too aggressively. Likewise, avoid dyeing your hair for a few weeks after the transplantation. As the harsh chemicals can damage the hair and compromise the results of hair transplant. If you want to dye your hair, you can do it before getting the treatment.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you to get better results from your treatment. After the treatment you may experience some itchiness, redness or swelling on your head, however, if you face

some serious problem, contact your doctor. Getting a hair transplant is a lifetime decision as this is a permanent treatment. The hair you grow after the treatment is natural and stays for a long time. However, the success of your treatment depends on a lot of factors such as the expertise of your doctor, the hair density you had before the treatment, how well you take care of your head after the treatment and others. London Hair Transplant Clinic has solutions for all types of hair problems be it facial hair transplants or if you need an Afro hair specialist in London, they have it all.

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