Twitter For Successful Business Social Marketing

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Twitter For Successful Business Social Marketing


Twitter For Successful Business Social Marketing

Before you get into the details of creating account and how to begin tweeting; think how well Twitter will give you access to treasured interaction and unbridled feedback that are Twitter for businesshighly valued and deeply regarded. Today, the battle for an audience’s attention is being fought via microblogging platform such as Twitter and the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. However, Twitter is an effective marketing tool than selling tool. Regular tweeting can make your content more interesting for readers and deliver a taste of information that draws your followers away from Twitter onto your own website. While on your website, they stop being twitter followers and start being your prospective followers. Just a humble warning, whatever you do not buy followers on twitter.

The Scale of Tweeting

In 2007, there were 5,000 tweets per day, by 2008; the number was 300,000 tweets per day. In 2009, it had grown to 2.5 million tweets per day. In 2010 Tweets grew to tweets grew by 1.400% to 35 million tweets per day. Todays’ estimated an average of 6,000 tweets per second, 350,000 tweets a minute, 500 million tweets a day totalling to 200 billion tweets per year.

How to Enhance Experiences and Interactions on Twitter

How do you then, enhance customer experiences, increase interactions, and drive an increase in incremental conversions using twitter platform? It can be encouraging to login and see several thousand followers. Attracting real followers who are genuine brand ambassadors or supper-fans who help your brand grow require planning. Brand ambassadors or super-fans are usually knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly to other users in solving problems and answering questions around a product. For instance, a creative hashtag can encourage your super-fans to retweet and respond with your hashtag, consequently helping you trend higher and help tweets show up in searches.

How to find Twitter Super-fans or Brand Ambassadors

Super-fans or Brand ambassadors are your most active online customer who can answer questions, write posts, and provide valuable feedback on behalf of the business. Develop a strategy, which will help grow your following organically, quickly and effectively. The key, understand your brand mission, objective and your intended audience’s specific needs, conversation about the product and services and how that product and services fits their needs or how the brand is a part of their life.

  1. On twitter, you accumulate followers by making it easy for other people to follow you;
  2. do not make your twitter account private.
  3. Always pin your most popular tweets to the top your profile.

This will encourage new followers decide whether they want to follow you and do not forget to define your website link where people can learn more about your product and services. Specific Hours of twitting is very important, always tweet during peak hours. For example, if you were building nightclub brand, it would sensibly to start your tweeting on Fridays as opposed to Mondays and remember to follow people with similar interest who follow you.

Twitter as Indirect Social Marketing Tool

Tweeting is indirect marketing tool;

  1. avoid boring you audience in your content endeavours. No junk;
  2. good content is the key to becoming a twitter rock-star.
  3. Boost your content by sharing interesting links. Because microposts on twitter are, limited to lengths of just 140 characters or less, your tweets must be must be concise, trim, and easy to digest.

This means you getting down to the real business of interacting in a real and in a meaningful way. You could argue about the value of 140 characters. Is it possible to construct a persuasive message using a mere 140 characters? Picture yourself traveling down the road where, a short way ahead is fishpond. A few steps farther, you see a sign: “Looking for something really fishy?” You become restless. Farther down you see a second sign: “Prohibited, but so fishy.” Now you are captivated. Further on you read: “We invite you to gather, spear, net, cast and trap.” Thereafter, you get an idea that all the carefully crafted messages lead you to a pond with 200 billion fish.

Adaptation of Tweets to a lot more. For example;

  1. As a recruitment tool, organisations can user twitter by posting job openings, particularly those in need of specialised talent. Companies can observer tweets from the Twitter community to locate those who have key talents to offer and are seeking for employment.
  2. As a customer survey tool, some businesses could use their twitter supper-fans base to gather opinions about a recently released product or service such as lasting value of an existing offer. Businesses can routinely skim through tweets for chatter, good or bad about their products or services and then respond in kind.
  3. As a real-time coordination tool, Twitter can be used to organise business get-togethers, referred to as tweetups for various functions such as discussing business plan, brainstorm for a new business idea, or simply for some well-deserved idle time.
  4. As a “capacity maximisation” tool, For example, information about available table at a restaurant and discounts to customers accepting to fill-up the vacant tables in a given time slot; is better than having no customers.

Where business needs are properly defined, Twitter is a tool that can

  1. offer benefits to your business, rather than a distraction that keeps you from running your business.
  2. On twitter, you are joining the thousands of famous brands, labels, businesses, and personalities who have embraced the social media site to boost their marketing efforts.
  3. A platform where you customers can tell you what they like or dislike about your product and service and you can tell your fan base what you have to offer and how you will meet their needs.

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