Which is the best social media platform for your Business?

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Which is the best social media platform for your Business?


Choosing The Best Social Media Platform For Business

Your success on social media takes more than simply having many social media accounts. It is tempting to jump into social media by opening accounts on every new social network and app. Even big organisation do not possess enough resources to win at every social media platform. Spending on social media marketing has doubled in the last ten years and expected to quadruple in the next ten years. The fact that over half of the top brands are using a particular social media does not mean it is appropriate for your business. What worked for another business, may probably not work the same for you, or any other business.

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Twitter For Successful Business Marketing
  3. Marketing Your Business on LinkedIn
  4. Facebook as a pond with 2.5 billion fish every day
  5. Setup a campaign and stay relevant.

There are specific challenges related to each social platform in terms of what the benefit of specific feature, for example, a “like” on Facebook generates a different exposure to the content than a “like” on Pinterest or Instagram. Therefore, it is important to understanding the distribution potential of a platform, the value and quality; and how you compose content specifically so that it moves further within the network. It is good to question the nature of content distribution mechanism on specific social media platform, so that you can make better-informed choice on the objectives, strategy, and the nature of the business you run.

Marketing to FaceBook Thriving Community

If you were an executive within a company, would you ask yourself why any company would want a presence on a social network i.e. Facebook whose main objective is Facebook Marketingsocialising and communication between friends? Facebook has historically been seen as a personal social network, where one can interact with family, and close friends. Probably you would head to LinkedIn business networking; there you can set up a group around your company, product, service, or industry and include several other business-related activities. The truth is Facebook is growing at such a fast pace that as a business you cannot ignore it. The content that you share on a Facebook can help humanise your brand, a thriving community in which there are sure to be your brand ambassadors, supper-fans of your company, product, or service. You can also drive traffic to your company website and convert people through a contact, subscriptions or informational form. Though, there are costs associated with ad creation, copywriting, design, marketing, planning, execution, campaign and community maintenance, and more, but creating a business fan page costs nothing on Facebook.

Facebook, A Pond With 2.5 Billion Fish Daily

Facebook has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users and the highest user activities. Of the 2.5 billion Facebook users, 2 billion could be your potential customers. With this huge Facebook user base, you have a higher chance of reaching your target audience. Facebook also provides multiple platform visibility. Because Facebook owns Instagram, you can also advertise outside of Facebook through the Instagram feed and Instagram Stories. With Facebook ads, you have flexibility to choose your objective, budget, target audience, ad format, creatives, and placements.

Is Facebook the best platform for social media marketing?

The answer to this question depends on the audience you would like to engage. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. When analysing your marketing options, asking which the best suits your target audience and what you are trying to achieve. That which will allow you to create the type of campaign that will have positive impact on your intended audience. As you define your “product or service,” what will the experience be for an end user? Can you do something special that will inspire your audience? With all the noise out there, you must speak with useful voice; communicate regularly to stay on the right track.

How to Setup a Social Media Campaign and Stay Relevant

As with any effective marketing campaign, start with precisely definition of the audience on whom you are focusing your campaign, then translate you audience classification to the right content on the Facebook platform. Your goals and objectives to enhance customer service you should mind the fact that Facebook objective is socialising and communication between friends. The right compelling content is the cornerstone to successful campaigns. Facebook allow more settings and configuration options than any other major social network in use today, such as “Call to Action” buttons which can help in conversion or purchase. With Facebook, you can integrate other social channels with your pre-existing marketing channels including linking to and from your website, creating a seamless experience among them; the result is a much faster-growing fan base.

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