Why Isn’t My Website Making Money

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Why Isn’t My Website Making Money


Why Isn’t My Website Making Money & How Do I Fix It

The number of websites online is staggering, over 1.5 billion websites. It takes tremendous effort to beat the competition in the online marketplace, even if you operate in a niche industry. Competition however, is not the only reason for low performing websites. A variety of factors can negatively impact your revenue and traffic.

This bring us to the question: Why is my website not making money?

Let us look at an overview of how your business can resolve these problems, which range from a slow performing website to a missing search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Start solving your site’s performance issues now or connect with our SEO team to see how Lobitech Solutions can help you or don’t forget, if you need help designing you website, Lobitech Solutions is here for you. Lobitech Solutions offers wide range of web design services to individual customers and companies in London and surrounding areas.

Your website isn’t responsive

Research show that more than 50 percent of the world’s Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This demonstrate a growing trend. People are relying more and more on smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, rather than laptop computers or desktops.

Google is one of the world’s popular search engines, with more than 75 percent of the global search market share. This fact is crucial as Google follows a mobile-first approach to its crawling and indexing process. That means Google crawls your website and indexes for search results from a mobile perspective. If your website design is not responsive, Google will know.

Responsive website design is critical to the user experience, non-responsive design will rank lower in search results Nobody can find your site. Having a website online, does not imply the website will be found by intended users. If your website is not being found, it is a big problem. Improving your online visibility is not quick and easy. It is a strategy of building the brand through quality content creation. Start with a content marketing strategy while hugely focusing on quality.

You are targeting wrong audience.

You may have wrongly picked an audience at random or just targeted "everyone"; this can affect or be confusing to your intended audience. Create content and message that is appeal to your intended audience by thorough market research and test your assumptions and make sure you are offering your target audience value.

With a good website design, the user experience is very important. You need to provide the best and flawless experience for your website visitors. If you don’t, visitors will leave your website, which will have a negative impact such as fewer purchases and less money for your business.

As more than 40 percent of online transactions happen on mobile devices, you must insist on having responsive website design if you want to make money. Otherwise, you are giving away valuable customers (and revenue) to your competitors.

A SEO company will find the right keywords to attract ideal buyers. The higher the website content ranks for the important keywords and phrases, the better the chances of reaching new and relevant leads.An SEO company can help improve the quality of your website traffic.

In addition to helping websites rank higher on the search engines, SEO company can help in increasing the quality of traffic coming to the website. Google’s search algorithm is more credible, an effective SEO strategy will bring more traffic to the website.

SEO companies provide measurable results. A SEO company can help business grow by delivering measurable results. Unlike some traditional marketing tactics, SEO can easily be tracked, documented and measured during each step of your campaign.

Why am I not getting any sales on my website?

Your website may not be getting enough traffic to make sales or conversions because probably the content doesn't match what your customer needs, wants, and expects; your website is experiencing technical problems or what you're offering isn't compelling enough to your intended audience.

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