Why Personalised Content Marketing Matters

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Why Personalised Content Marketing Matters


Personalised Content Marketing

Significance of High-Quality Content Marketing 

Content is a term that refers to anything created and uploaded to a web site: the words, images, tools, or other things including pages of your web site such as home page, thePersonalised Content Marketing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, the product information pages, the About Us page and much more that reside on your web site. All other things you create as part of your pages or as part of your marketing such as videos, blogs, photographs, webinars, white papers, eBooks, podcasts, and so on are content, too. Creating quality content is the cornerstone to every marketing strategy, which places a business in the customers’ shoes, to adopt business vantage points, and to consider customer thoughts, feelings, and needs. In brief, compelling content allows businesses to get to know the people who buy from them.

Successful Quality Content Personalisation

Apart from creating LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles, businesses are also creating blogs, publishing podcasts and webinars and more. Businesses do not have to wait for Consumer Reports to assess their latest how-to articles any more. The reality here is that content is always going to be needed, not just any content, but extensive, personalised and high-quality content. This means that, content must be both high in quality and appropriate and personalised for period of time.

Content Personalisation Significance and Value

All content created for the purpose of content marketing, must focus on personalised significance or value. For example, in e-commerce enviroment, personalised importance could be close to point of purchase or the consideration stage in choosing a life insurance policy. It is however, crucial that content anticipates all the possible personalised significance or value. For this to happen, we need to:

  1. Understand customer perspective. Comprehensive understanding of the customers is key to personalisation of content.
  2. Understand of critical content touchpoints. Knowing which parts of content matters or has value and benefit from personalisation before content development can begin.
  3. Draw detailed experience maps when planning personalised content development. To help point out and prioritise effective significance or value where content is flexible and segmental.
  4. State the benefit of a product or service. Identify Significance and value of content before an offer is made is the best form of personalisation.
  5. What we know about a customer. Help determine which content will be most effective for conversion.

Professional, smartly created, personalised content can position your business not as just a seller of goods and services, but as a reliable source of information. Creating and publishing professionally enhanced personalised content that purposely answers customer questions is one of the straightest line to sales and loyalty.

Personalised Content Drives More Sales

Creating compelling personalised content act as an extension of your brand and establishes foundation of meaningful conversations to engage with your prospective customers. Rule of thumb, high quality content drives conversations and conversation engages your customers.

  1. Personalised content attract the right customers. For any company today, the significance and value of its business depend on the ability to give more valuable, helpful, and remarkable personalised, specific, deep content that closely matches what the intended customers are looking and which will in turn to more sales.
  2. Educate customers about a purchase they are considering to buy. Personalised Content Drives SalesFor example, blog posts, videos or an eBook on the subject of “how to use KODAK PIXPRO Camera” educates and increases customers’ confidence in the product and its intented use.
  3. Establish your credibility, trust, and authority in your industry. The more valued information a business can give to its customers, the more the business is perceived as an expert in the industry and therefore gain customer trust.
  4. Tell a personal story with a human element about your product and service. Humans, being social use stories help us make sense of the thing we come across, remember what we learned, and feel like part of the specific group. 
  5. Good Content creates a buzz. Personalised content creates competitive advantage that can build a buzz through marketing channels such as social networks.
  6. Build a base of fans and inspire customers to love you. Engagement is a great way to objectively assess if the audience is paying attention to your message.
  7. Contextual relevance and aspirational impulse buys. Good content can encourage customers to buy a product quickly, probably a short-term offer, sign up for a newsletter, visit a business site, join your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook page, and attend a webinar or simply view the content you develop as playing a role in furthering a relationship.

Quality Content as a Strategic Tool

Quality content is strategic tool that used to build partnerships and other opportunities. High quality content shares or solves a problem, give a new fresh perspective on the topic, has human element, arouse curiosity or surprise your readers, creates value by positioning your business as a reliable and valuable source of information and help your customers get smarter, learn how to use product and service or improves their lives. I dare say without fear of contradiction, “If you can deliver content that your prospects find interesting and informative and entertaining, they will see you as a trusted source of information or an adviser”.

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