Why SEO Is Important for Your eCommerce Site

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Why SEO Is Important for Your eCommerce Site


Why SEO Is Important for Your Ecommerce Site

Before we begin, let me get the most important fact of Ecommerce business out of the away. Every ecommerce website owner is in business of marketing, if you do not make sales, regardless of what you sell, you will end up bankrupt. You may focus on your product, but you should alway keep in mind you are in the business of marketing and the product is what you sell. Believe me or not, your product is not your business, but marketing is your business. Saying this to Ecommerce newcomer can be extremely difficult, especially to people who started by selling on biggest ecommerce platforms such as ebay and Amazon where the marketing aspect is hidden, they owns the customer as well as the order process, therefore, in this case you do not have a business. You cannot drive external traffic, control or track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns to your Amazon ‘business’. Let me put it this way, a successful ecommerce business focuses primarily on building brand and content marketing that suits their target market. The point is you may have the best product in a specific niche, but fail until successful Ecommerce SEO strategy is in place. 

Ecommerce SEO

In most Ecommerce SEO campaign cases, you focus on a couple of relevant keywords related to the website offering particular product or service. You then, create a certain number of pages and optimise them for your chosen keywords, subsequently, you sift attention to off-page SEO to drive traffic to the website. Whether you are outsourcing Ecommerce seo service or in-houseEcommerce SEO ecommerce SEO, being a competitive selling multiple products online, calls for different approach. You face a monumental task of hundreds upon thousands of pages or product categories to give special SEO attention. Remember you are competing with companies such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Tesco, to name but a few, with vast product lines and the ability to undercut you in price.

Is Ecommerce SEO too expensive and unattainable for newcomers? No, but It could take time to materialise. Remember, big brands are dominating the first page of Google for the same products your site is trying to sell, their websites have very high domain authority and trust on Google, your prospective customers are very likely to have bought from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy or Tesco before and would be familiar on how big brands sites work.

Therefore, your Ecommerce SEO campaign should primarily focused on both on-page and off-page optimisation to grow domain authority, and most importantly, whilst keeping in mind that Google and other search engines including Bing’s main objective is to show users the most relevant search results to its users.

ECommerce Website

Let us look at the Ecommerce website structure. To search engines including Google, the structure of your ecommerce website is very important. Good organisation of your eCommerce site gives search engines highest chances of indexing, understanding the industry and keywords your pages are targeting. Remember the further away the page is from the site root or directory, the less SEO weight it carries.

Ecommerce Website Structure

For example, ( https://www.buyerbuy.co.uk/computer-storage ) carries more SEO weight than, ( https://www.buyerbuy.co.uk/computer-storage/optical-dvd-cd-drives ) and yet, mashing all pages close to root directory could prove exceedingly messy and illogical architecture that will confuse search engine including Google and Bing. Therefore, balancing Ecommerce website structure, whilst giving the pages on the eCommerce site much SEO power and lowering number of subdirectories for better search indexing and ranking of individual pages is extremely important in ecommerce website design.

SEO for Ecommerce Website

Let us face it; simply hurling content up on your ecommerce website will not help your SEO! Why, because well-formed and structured ecommerce website would be search engine friendly for indexing and ranking of individual pages. A few steps in the SEO for Ecommerce Website are necessary including;

  1. SEO-friendly page tags - Optimise the Home Page TITLE tag, Meta description tag, IMG ALT’s, and include visible text against your target keywords at the bottom or footer of home page, then, link these keywords to your key landing pages. Your landing page names should also match target keyword searches your customers do on Google or Bing such as keyword = “laptop external optical drive”; landing page = “laptop-external-optical-drive”.
  2. SEO-friendly website structure, category pages close to the root directory, give meaningful categories names relevant to the items offered. If you were offering external computer storage as a category, you would name the the category page as www.example.com/external-computer-storage.
  3. Description of the products with your high-density keywords included is part of the ingredients of building an ecommerce website. Do not forget to write a short paragraph at the footer of your pages with keyword-optimised links pointing to your key landing pages.
  4. Optimise your ecommerce URL structure: Avoid numeric, underscore and special character in URLs in favour of keyword based URLs.

Best SEO for Ecommerce Website design is all about creating web pages that match Google search queries with compelling, relevant content on a specific web page. Do not forget "what is good for humans is good enough for Google".

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