Agriculture, Forestry / Fishing

Agriculture, Forestry / Fishing

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting Companies

Listing of establishments primarily engaged in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting industry group involved in growing crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals from a farm, ranch, or their natural habitats. This listing include farms, ranches, dairies, greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, and hatcheries.

Oilseed and Grain Farming, Vegetable and Melon Farming, Fruit and Tree Nut Farming, Greenhouse, Nursery, and Floriculture Production, Cattle Ranching and Farming, Hog and Pig Farming, Poultry and Egg Production, Sheep and Goat Farming, Aquaculture, Other Animal Production, Timber Tract Operations, Forest Nurseries and Gathering of Forest Products, Logging, Fishing, Hunting and Trapping, Support Activities for Crop Production, Support Activities for Animal Production.

Agricultural companies also refered to as Agribusiness, an agricultural companies are businesses like farming, production, marketing and management of agricultural commodities like grains, vegetables, cattle/calves, corn, wheat, cotton, flax, corn, dry beans, oats, barley, rye, tobacco, rice, peanuts, soybeans, sugar beets, sugar cane, tomatoes, grain sorghum, sunflowers, raisins, oranges, sweet corn, dry peas, freezing and canning peas, forage, apples, grapes, potatoes, timber soybeans, dairy products/milk, miscellaneous crops, broilers, hogs, wheat, chicken eggs, and hay, fruits, and livestock.

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